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Publication - 15 Dec 17

Welcome to Edition 6 of our Employment & Safety Law Bulletin for NSW Government practitioners. In this edition, we look at legal developments relevant to the NSW Government sector in relation to: unfair dismissal; industrial relations; discrimination; workplace safety; and access to information and privacy. Read More

Publication - 15 Dec 17

The Fair Work Commission's bullying jurisdiction recently rejected an aged care worker's bullying claim against her supervisors and managers. The employer successfully argued that, at all times, the employee was subject to reasonable management action carried out in a reasonable manner. Read More

Publication - 15 Dec 17

In a much-anticipated decision, the Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission has reversed its well-established position that it cannot hear an unfair dismissal claim if an employee's employment finishes at the end of a maximum-term contract, because there has been no termination at the initiative of the employer. For employers,... Read More

Publication - 14 Dec 17

Welcome to the December 2017 edition of the Workplace Relations & Safety Bulletin. This edition discusses several recent legal developments and helpful tips for employers including: • How employers must take care when seeking to unilaterally impose changes on employees; • a caution for employers from the Fair Work Commission on clarity of OH&S policies;... Read More

Publication - 13 Dec 17

A Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia has upheld the decision of a trial judge that the Australian College of Dermatologists did not directly or indirectly discriminate against a doctor seeking to become a registered dermatologist by requiring him to pass the College's final written and clinical examinations. Read More

Publication - 07 Dec 17

There is no doubt that 2017 has been a tough year for retailers, with sales remaining flat and a number of retailers having to close their doors. All of this while the spectre of Amazon's arrival has loomed large on the horizon, with many analysts and scribes positing on the... Read More

Publication - 06 Dec 17

The Fair Work Commission has remitted an application for an unfair dismissal remedy for re-determination after it found that the Commissioner who heard the application failed to deal with a fundamental issue, namely, whether a policy applying to an armed hold-up situation had any application to an incident for which... Read More

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