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Lander & Rogers aims to be an industry leader in implementing sustainable business practices that minimise harm and maximise benefit to the environment and our local community.

We are committed to the management of our business in an environmentally responsible manner, to care for the environment in which we live and work, and to sustain its quality for the benefit of future generations.

Environmental initiatives

We have an obligation to understand the impact our firm has on the environment and take steps to minimize our environmental footprint. Our firm has reduced carbon emissions by 43% since 2011, and we will continue to take steps to create a positive environmental impact in the communities in which we operate to help ensure an environmentally sustainable future for Australia. These initiatives include:

  • Recycling of paper, glass, plastic, toner cartridges and other office equipment.
  • Reducing business travel requirements through the use of telephone and video conferencing.
  • Installing electronic devices with "energy star" compliance in our offices.
  • Ensuring all lighting is energy efficient with effective control systems.
  • Taking into account the environmental, social, ethical and economic impacts in all purchasing decisions.
  • Sourcing our plain paper stocks from Farmed Plantation forests and processed using water saving bleaching methods.
  • Using filing containers that are carbon neutral.
  • A firm wide recycling initiative which separates compostable food items, recyclable waste and non-recyclable waste. This system aims at reducing or eliminating cross contamination of commingled waste.
  • Encouraging staff to switch off appliances and lighting when leaving the office.

We have also partnered with CitySwitch, which supports commercial office tenants to improve office energy and waste efficiency through a structured approach to planning and implementing energy and waste efficiency projects, with the ultimate aim of achieving a 4 star or higher NABERS Energy rating.

We are committed to ensuring an environmentally sustainable future and will continue to take steps to create a positive environmental impact in the communities in which we operate.

Environmental commitment

We aim to pursue an environmental improvement policy that will help ensure minimum impact on the environment and our stakeholders. As part of this, Lander & Rogers will:

  • Ensure that we meet and exceed all local, state and federal regulatory and legislative requirements.
  • Give due consideration to the protection of the environment in all its business activities.
  • Use natural resources efficiently.
  • Adequately provide the necessary resources to reach our environmental targets.
  • Providing on-going staff training and education and creating a working environment that encourages sustainable practices.
  • Communicate openly about our policy to our staff, clients and other stakeholders.
  • Pursue a waste management program which ensures that waste produced is minimised, increases the amount of recycled matter and reduces the amount of waste going to landfill.
  • Work in association with our suppliers and contractors to develop a green supply chain for goods and services provided, including paper sourced from sustainable forests, eco-friendly inks and sustainable waste management practitioners and other initiatives.
  • Regularly review and set objectives and targets in accordance with this policy and make the necessary changes required for continual improvement.
  • Communicating openly about our policy and our progress towards our goals to our staff, clients and other stakeholders.

Lander & Rogers and the Australian Legal Sector Alliance

Lander & Rogers is a member of the Australian Legal Sector Alliance (AusLSA), an industry-led association promoting sustainability in the legal sector. We are committed to understanding the impact our firm has on the environment and to taking steps to minimise our environmental footprint.

As part of a commitment to the AusLSA Principles, members of AusLSA are encouraged to measure, monitor and report on their environmental consumption.  The purpose of the report is to establish a transparent ‘baseline’ of environmental consumption among AusLSA members so that individual firms can track the effectiveness of their sustainability initiatives.


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