Top 10 Myths

Myth 1
Myths 01

Law firms work you to death.

At some firms you may find yourself working consistently long hours. At Landers we encourage our people to have a balanced life outside of work. Sure, there will be times when you’ll need to work late, because a client has a big problem only we can fix, which can be very exciting! But there’s no satisfaction being the last person left to turn out the light, just for the sake of it. We mean it when we say we want you to have a life outside of work.

Myth 2
Myths 02

If you join a big firm, you’ll get to do better work.

Size is no guarantee of quality work - the really interesting stuff that uses your legal skills to solve problems and bring change - or that you’ll be involved in it. We work with some of the biggest names in Australia, and so do our grads.

Myth 4
Myths 03

Graduates are chained to the printer.

Or the filing room. Or the court trolley. There’s a reason people think grads do the partners’ grunt work and wait ages before they get to do any legal thinking. It happens. But not here. Here you’ll do real legal work; you’ll work with clients and have real responsibility in matters from day one. We want you to contribute. Not just “be useful.”

Myth 3
Myths 04

Law firms are all about the money.

You’d be forgiven for thinking this when you hear endlessly about utilisation rates, realisation rates, billing budgets, BD targets, revenue goals and margin percentages. Actually, this law firm is all about our clients and our people. So you’ll hear us talking about quality, results, value, contribution, relationships, learning and satisfaction. It’s not that we don’t have performance measures, we do. It’s just that we find focusing on the second list helps the first list look after itself.

Myth 5
Myths 05

The competition is deadly.

A lot of people think you can only succeed in a law firm by climbing over everyone else. Not true. We know that today, the best businesses work collaboratively. And the best lawyers are true collaborators who bring people together to create solutions. This is how we work with our clients and each other.

The best results come from teamwork, not competition.

Myth 6
Myths 06

Law firms are not happy places.

Absolutely not our experience. Maybe it’s because we allow people to be themselves, not a cookie-cutter idea of a lawyer. Maybe it’s because we encourage people to speak their minds and allow them to be heard, no matter what their role. Maybe it’s because we have a sense of humour. Maybe it’s because we are confident in the quality of our work and so are our clients. Whatever the reason, it just is.

Myth 7 V2
Myths 07

You won’t get to choose your area of practice.

Well maybe not if you want to practice in space and cosmos law… We know you’ll do your best work when you’re following your passion, so we do everything we can to help that happen; starting with the opportunity to experience four of our practice areas in your graduate year, to help you find your niche.

Myth 8
Myths 08

You have to work for an international firm to get global exposure.

If it’s global experience you are looking for, we are a member of the world’s second largest law firm network, TerraLex, and we have a highly active international strategy. So whether it’s London, Silicon Valley, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Mexico, Tokyo, Cape Town, Buenos Aires or pretty much anywhere else, we’ve got connections in every corner of the globe. How’s that for international connectivity?

Myth 9
Myths 09

Law school prepares you for a law firm.

Well, you can’t get there without it. It’s your entry ticket. At Landers, get ready for a whole new education. The real world of business. Problem solving. Negotiation. Client management and relationships. Dispute resolution in and out of the courtroom. No matter how many cases you read at law school, it’s being there and seeing them play out in real life that brings true learning. You’ll love it.

Myth 10
Myths 10

Lawyers don't know how to have fun.

Being boring may sound like part of the job description when you join a law firm. But not here. We take our social events seriously. We even have our own band called the CrashLanders. And many of our functions are known to involve costumes.