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Publication - 27 May 19

In determining a client's entitlement to a property settlement on the breakdown of a relationship, family lawyers are of course, required to consider not only the assets of the parties, but also their liabilities. Those liabilities often include mortgages and credit card debts, however the taxation liabilities of the parties... Read More

Publication - 30 Apr 19

The world is waiting with bated breath for the birth of Prince Harry and Meghan's first child, eager to learn all of the details of the birth date, gender and the baby's royal name. Having a baby is an exciting and happy time for many parents. Read More

News - 08 Apr 19

When it comes to children, arrangements for their care following a separation are determined according to what is in their best interests. Unfortunately, the position in relation to who retains pets after a separation is far less certain. Given the rise of pet ownership in Australia, and their cherished and beloved position... Read More

Publication - 24 Jan 19

Recent reports on the wealth that MacKenzie Bezos may walk away with following her divorce from Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, may leave you wondering how property settlements in Australia are decided — especially when a business is involved. In this article, Rachell Davey and Cheryl Chua discuss what the Court takes... Read More

Publication - 18 Jan 19

Relationship separations that occur overseas can place a large amount of pressure on expatriate couples, especially if one person has relocated internationally to support their spouse. It is not uncommon for one party to find themselves without access to funds required for day-to-day living expenses, as well as struggling to... Read More

News - 09 May 16

The Family Court of Western Australia recently ordered that Oshin Kiszko, a six year old boy suffering from brain cancer, undergo potentially life-saving chemotherapy against the wishes of his parents. Oshin's parents had refused to allow their son to undergo the treatment because they did not want him to suffer from... Read More

News - 22 Apr 16

The colloquially referred to 'pre-nup' is properly known as a Financial Agreement under Australian law. Financial Agreements are available to all Australian couples, including de facto and same sex, to document arrangements in relation to their financial affairs and the division of assets in case you and your partner decide... Read More

News - 02 Mar 16

In Australia, children under the age of 18 wishing to access stage two cross-hormonal treatment must first apply to the Family Court for formal approval. Although the Court has streamlined the process for these types of applications, they still involve considerable expense, anxiety and delay for families. Significant lobbying has been... Read More

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