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Publication - 17 Dec 18

There have been some significant changes in the Federal employment landscape for the end of 2018. The Coalition government made a significant drive into the workplace relations space this month (think of it as an early Christmas present from the government), with the passage of new legislation designed to simplify and... Read More

Publication - 03 Dec 18

The gig economy’s loophole around workplace health and safety obligations might be closing. In June this year our article on developing trends in the “gig economy” accurately predicted that this was an area to watch for significant legal developments in the months to come.... Read More

Publication - 01 Aug 18

Welcome to the July 2018 issue of the Workplace Relations & Safety Bulletin! In this edition of the Bulletin we discuss several recent legal developments and helpful tips for employers including: - how to navigate the murky waters of employee bonuses and incentive payments; - the positives and pitfalls of visual employment contracts;... Read More