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Publication - 11 Nov 19

The current fires in New South Wales and Queensland are a timely reminder for employers to review their business arrangements for responding to such crises, particularly in workforce management, and ensuring that they have a plan in place to deal with the aftermath.  In this eBulletin, we provide some guidance on... Read More

Publication - 07 Nov 19

The Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board, United Firefighters Union of Australia, Operational Staff Agreement 2016 (Agreement) was approved on 18 February 2019. The Agreement survived a series of challenges, most recently, an application by the Minister for Jobs and Industrial Relations for a review of its approval by... Read More

Publication - 09 Sep 19

Termination of employment by text message found to be "unconscionably undignified", even for small businesses Two recent decisions from the Fair Work Commission serve as a warning to employers that advising employees via text message that their employment has been terminated is rarely appropriate or considerate.... Read More

Publication - 19 Sep 18

On Sunday 16 September, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a Royal Commission into Australia's aged care system. The aged care sector has been on the government's agenda for some time. Most recently, an increase in the government's auditing capabilities of aged care resident safety has resulted in an average of one... Read More

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