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Publication - 20 Jun 18

Yesterday, the Victorian Law Reform Commission's (VLRC) long-awaited report into class actions and third-party funding was tabled in the state parliament. A copy of the report is available here. The VLRC report has made a series of recommended changes to Victoria's class action regime, with the stated objective of improving access to... Read More

Publication - 05 Jun 18

While the decision is presently under appeal, the GetSwift judgment is a landmark decision on the issue of competing class actions. Justice Lee of the Federal Court has — for the first time in Australia — resolved the issue of competing class actions by choosing one proceeding to continue and making orders... Read More

Publication - 01 Jun 18

Last night, the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) released its much-awaited discussion paper as part of its inquiry into class actions and litigation funding.  A copy of the document is available here. The discussion paper contains a suite of proposed changes to the class action regime and invites public comment by industry... Read More

Publication - 17 Apr 18

Last week, the President of the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) identified a suite of measures under consideration with the potential to radically reform Australia's federal class action regime.                                  The measures include permitting lawyers to... Read More

Publication - 15 Dec 16

The Victorian Supreme Court has dealt a harsh blow to serial class action litigant, Melbourne City Investments (MCI) and its founder Mark Elliott, by ruling that MCI's class action against Myer was an abuse of process and should be stayed permanently.1 In doing so, the Court confirmed that the only legitimate... Read More

Publication - 30 Nov 16

A recent UK Court of Appeal decision provides useful guidance on commercial litigation funders' potential exposure to adverse costs orders. The Court of Appeal upheld a costs order made against non-party litigation funders which required them to pay defendants' costs on an indemnity basis when the plaintiff's funded action failed catastrophically. Read More

Publication - 05 May 16

The recent New South Wales Supreme Court decision in Re HIH Insurance Ltd (In Liquidation)1 has potentially significant implications for securities class actions where there are allegations that a listed company has failed to disclose material information to the market and/or engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct causing the company's... Read More

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