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Publication - 21 Feb 17

New York's High Court confirms insurers' ability to rely upon a contractor's tools exclusion to bar coverage under a Builder's Risk Policy, for weather damage to a crane caused by Hurricane Sandy. This is one of the few decisions on contract works cover relevant to cranes, which are integral to... Read More

Publication - 24 Nov 16

In November 2014, fire raced up the side of the Lacrosse apartments building in Melbourne's Docklands in less than 11 minutes. The fire brigade reported that it had never confronted a similar blaze. It determined that the use of non-compliant aluminium composite panels had contributed to the spread of the... Read More

Publication - 05 Oct 16

In Marinko Gulic v Boral Transport Limited,1 the New South Wales Court of Appeal found a principal not liable to a subcontractor's employee for an alleged breach of duty causing personal injury. Because the principal had engaged reputable and competent contractors with appropriate qualifications and capabilities, the Court determined that it... Read More

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