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Publication - 04 Dec 14

You and your former partner might have separated, but in the eyes of the law you still share rights and responsibilities for your children. For same-sex couples with children conceived through assisted reproduction technology, separating can raise particular issues around who is legally considered to be the parents of their child.  In... Read More

Publication - 19 Sep 14

A subpoena is a legal document issued by a court at the request of someone who is a party to a case. It compels the person receiving it to produce documents or give evidence at a hearing or trial.  In this article, we look at what to do if you... Read More

Publication - 30 Jul 13

Australian superannuation laws apply to both married and de facto couples, including same sex couples. Superannuation is treated just like any other asset in a marriage or de facto relationship. When a couple separates, superannuation can be divided up and shared between the separating parties. Read More

Publication - 02 Oct 13

  *Quick links: * Who is liable to pay child support?[#liable] The Child Support Assessment Formula[#formula] Child Support Agreements[#agreements]  Binding vs limited child support agreements[#types] Further information[#further]   Who is liable to pay child support? If you and your partner (including same-sex partners) have children and subsequently separate or divorce, the partner who has primary care of the... Read More

Publication - 10 Nov 14

If you are separating from or divorcing your partner, you will need to work out how you divide your property and financial assets. Where you and your partner do not agree about how your assets will be divided, the law requires you to make a genuine effort to resolve your... Read More

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