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Publication - 04 Feb 19

The Brief is your monthly financial services update. To help you save time, each month we'll give you a quick run-down of what happened in financial services from experts across our firm. Read More

Publication - 17 Dec 18

There have been some significant changes in the Federal employment landscape for the end of 2018. The Coalition government made a significant drive into the workplace relations space this month (think of it as an early Christmas present from the government), with the passage of new legislation designed to simplify and... Read More

Publication - 05 Dec 18

The recent passing of the Modern Slavery Bill in Federal Parliament means there are new reporting requirements for Australian organisations. Different estimates reveal that in 2016 there were between 4,300 and 15,000 modern slaves in Australia, and 40.3 million (including men, women and children) worldwide.... Read More

Publication - 03 Dec 18

The gig economy’s loophole around workplace health and safety obligations might be closing. In June last year, our article on developing trends in the “gig economy” accurately predicted that this was an area to watch for significant legal developments in the months to come.... Read More

Publication - 02 Nov 18

A recent Federal Court decision found casual employment needs to retain the “essence of casualness”. What does that mean, and what do businesses need to do? A casual engagement. A few hours here, a day or two there. No commitments, no annual leave entitlements, no worries. The Parliament of Australia estimates... Read More

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