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News - 17 May 19

Four legal technology creators have joined Australia’s first lawtech hub of its kind, starting a growing community that will boost this emerging sector and improve the experience of those requiring legal expertise. Speaking at the formal opening of the LawTech Hub, The Hon. Jane Garrett, Parliamentary Secretary for Jobs, said, "It... Read More

News - 25 Mar 19

We are delighted to announce that the firm has been named a finalist in two categories in this year's Australasian Law Awards: Corporate Citizen Firm of the Year; and Excellence in Employee Health & Wellbeing. The Corporate Citizen Firm of the Year award looks at the firm’s sustainability, community, diversity and inclusion, and... Read More

News - 06 Feb 19

National contemporary law firm Lander & Rogers has appointed Karen O'Connor to the role of Head of Technology. Karen is a client-focused technologist with strong expertise in innovation, business transformation, and digital enablement. Throughout her career, Karen has been at the forefront of disruptive technologies including eBusiness, eCommerce, and cloud computing. Karen... Read More

News - 29 Jan 19

National contemporary law firm Lander & Rogers is proud to launch iHub, a standalone business function focussed on innovation. Lander & Rogers' iHub offers a client-centred, innovative approach to the delivery of legal and business services. Led by Lander & Rogers' Head of Innovation & Transformation, Michelle Grossmann, iHub is made... Read More

News - 18 Dec 18

On Tuesday 20th November, clients joined us at YBF Ventures for an engaging discussion on the real-life uses of blockchain in business and law. As well as a panel discussion, we were treated to presentations from two leading experts and distinguished thought leaders in Australia’s blockchain sector — Dr Philippa... Read More

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