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Publication - 08 Aug 19

In an effort to improve consumers’ ability to compare and switch between products and services, and to drive competitiveness and innovation between service providers, a new consumer data right (CDR) has been introduced. The new CDR requires suppliers to provide their customers with access to customer data and, on request, to... Read More

Publication - 11 Jul 19

You may have read about the UK Information Commissioner's Office (*ICO*) proposal to fine British Airways £183. 39M (AU$320M) for infringements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (*GDPR*). The ICO has also recently announced its intention to fine Marriott International £99,200,396 (AU$178M) for similar data breaches. Read More

Publication - 12 Mar 19

Intellectual Property and Technology Partner Robert Neely and Corporate Lawyer Edward Lyons wrote the Australian section of the 2019 edition of the TerraLex Cross-border Copyright Guide. TerraLex is one of the top elite global networks of independent law firms, of which Lander & Rogers is the exclusive member for Australia. The... Read More

Publication - 17 Sep 18

The emergence of blockchain technology provides vast opportunities, including enhanced efficiency, speed, and data security. But are governments utilising these new improvements? Lander & Rogers' lawyers Robert Neely and Joshua Butler explore how the public sector can benefit from blockchains and why being an early adopter may have its advantages. Read More

Publication - 13 Dec 17

You’ve probably heard these buzzwords around the office. You may have even feigned understanding when they were brought up at the last innovation retreat. But what does it all mean? We take a brief look at who's who in the zoo of distributed ledger technology and why, as a lawyer,... Read More

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