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Publication - 18 Oct 19

The holy grail for most scale-ups is a reputable venture capital firm making a key investment — both financially and strategically. US investors are keen on Australian startups and scaleups, but they don't always like holding shares in Australian domiciled companies over the long-term. Read More

Publication - 08 Aug 19

In an effort to improve consumers’ ability to compare and switch between products and services, and to drive competitiveness and innovation between service providers, a new consumer data right (CDR) has been introduced. The new CDR requires suppliers to provide their customers with access to customer data and, on request, to... Read More

Publication - 11 Jul 19

You may have read about the UK Information Commissioner's Office (*ICO*) proposal to fine British Airways £183. 39M (AU$320M) for infringements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (*GDPR*). The ICO has also recently announced its intention to fine Marriott International £99,200,396 (AU$178M) for similar data breaches. Read More

Publication - 12 Mar 19

Intellectual Property and Technology Partner Robert Neely and Corporate Lawyer Edward Lyons wrote the Australian section of the 2019 edition of the TerraLex Cross-border Copyright Guide. TerraLex is one of the top elite global networks of independent law firms, of which Lander & Rogers is the exclusive member for Australia. The... Read More

Publication - 17 Sep 18

The emergence of blockchain technology provides vast opportunities, including enhanced efficiency, speed, and data security. But are governments utilising these new improvements? Lander & Rogers' lawyers Robert Neely and Joshua Butler explore how the public sector can benefit from blockchains and why being an early adopter may have its advantages. Read More

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