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News - 11 Oct 19

Lander & Rogers is very proud to announce that a further two lawyers in our Family & Relationship Law team have become accredited family law specialists with the Law Institute of Victoria. This is a fantastic achievement for Lia Anderson and Catherine Hillis, and reflects the high quality expertise and insight... Read More

Publication - 21 Dec 18

Almost one year has passed since Australia voted “yes!” and saw the historic passing of the marriage equality laws on 9 December 2017. The long-awaited amendments to the Marriage Act 1961 now mean that a person’s sex or gender no longer affects their rights to marry under Australian law. These amendments... Read More

Publication - 21 Dec 18

The interaction of family law and wills and estates law after a person’s death can have significant consequences on the allocation of property between married and de facto couples. The two jurisdictions converge regularly, particularly in the areas of incapacity (guardianship and administration), family law maintenance, property division, trusts, superannuation,... Read More

Publication - 16 Dec 14

In any de facto relationship or marriage, the boundary between "what's mine" and "what's ours" is not always clear cut in the eyes of the law.  In this article, we discuss asset planning and look at how a Financial Agreement can be a valuable asset planning tool for those wishing to protect... Read More

Publication - 04 Aug 14

The Australian Taxation Office recently issued a ruling confirming that cash payments or transfers of property from private companies to individuals as part of a property settlement for separating couples, are likely to be treated as dividends from those companies. Effectively it means that cash payments or transfers of property from... Read More

Publication - 30 Jun 14

Financial agreements (or, as they are colloquially known, “Binding Financial Agreements”) have been available to Australian married couples for many years. In 2009, the option was extended to cover those in de facto relationships, including same sex relationships. This means that all Australian couples can plan and document arrangements in... Read More

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