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Publication - 12 Feb 20

As we have seen in recent weeks, the breakdown of an expat relationship requires a careful approach to parenting arrangements, coupled with an understanding of the laws that apply in different overseas jurisdictions.... Read More

Publication - 29 Nov 19

Allegations of drug and alcohol abuse have become increasingly prevalent in parenting matters. The challenge for a legal practitioner (and indeed the Court) is to assess the extent of the risk and determine what parenting arrangements ought to be implemented to facilitate a child having a meaningful relationship with… Read More

News - 11 Oct 19

Lander & Rogers is very proud to announce that a further two lawyers in our Family & Relationship Law team have become accredited family law specialists with the Law Institute of Victoria. This is a fantastic achievement for Lia Anderson and Catherine Hillis, and reflects the high quality expertise and insight... Read More

News - 12 Dec 16

The Victorian Government has allocated $572 million of its 2016-17 state budget as a first step towards addressing family violence, vowing to implement all 227 recommendations of the Royal Commission into Family Violence handed down earlier this year. On 25 November 2016, the Victorian Government released a 10-year plan detailing how... Read More

Publication - 16 Dec 14

Family violence is unfortunately more prevalent than many realise and impacts many Australian families and children. During 2013/2014, police responded to 65,000 family violence incidents in the state of Victoria alone. A number of recent tragic incidences of family violence have led to increased media reporting and political attention about family... Read More