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Publication - 17 Jan 17

An affair to remember. An affair to talk about. An affair to be splashed across the front page of every newspaper. An affair to cause incalculable harm to the reputations of your business and managers… At the time of writing, such is the situation currently confronting Seven... Read More

Publication - 06 Dec 16

So you've decided to investigate the great case of who's been etching "humorous" messages into the office bathroom's cubicle walls. No doubt you read our previous article on when a workplace investigation might be required, and on that basis have decided to embark upon this undertaking. But is the answer... Read More

Publication - 22 Nov 16

Our Workplace Relations & Safety Bulletin contains articles on topical issues for employers. In this edition: the legalities of gardening leave; the importance of a notice of employee representational rights in the bargaining of an enterprise agreement; and the safety obligations that may pose a risk in the retail supply chain. Read More

News - 21 Jul 16

Lander & Rogers' partner Aaron Goonrey, from our Workplace Relations & Safety group, is leading a series of workshops across Australia in partnership with Employment Law Matters titled "Dealing with Workplace Bullying, Harassment, and Victimisation". In this interactive workshop series, Aaron will discuss the legal obligations and definitions of bullying, harassment,... Read More

Publication - 20 May 16

Our Workplace Relations & Safety Bulletin contains articles on topical issues for employers. In this edition: workplace investigations, sham contracting, how social media can contribute to bullying, disciplining employees over safety breaches, and more. Read More

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