Royal Commissions: How to be prepared

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With the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry well into its second round of public hearings, we are starting to gain a greater understanding of the impact that the Commission will have as a result of the approach being taken by Commissioner Hayne and his team.

In our latest video, Andrew Forbes, Partner in our Royal Commission team, talks about:

  • How does a Royal Commission come to be?
  • What are the powers of the Royal Commission?
  • How can Financial Services executives prepare if they are called before the commission?

Our team is experienced at preparing witnesses called before Royal Commissions and Inquiries, as well as appearing at hearings to assist witnesses and protect the interests of the organisation. Our Royal Commission team understands the financial services framework and legislative landscape. Having a firm in your corner with this insight and which understands the nuances of Royal Commissions will be critical.

The attached summary looks at some key considerations for those in the financial services industry during the Royal Commission. Members of our team will be pleased to discuss you issues that might arise during the course of the Commission and beyond.

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