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Energy & Resources

Australia's rich reserves of minerals, metals, oil and gas has made it a global hub for exploration and investment. As a result of both the mining boom and the increased interest in gas exploration, the number of projects has expanded rapidly, bringing with it growth in mining services companies, labour hire and infrastructure to support this.

At the same time, the focus on renewables continues to grow with business and consumers driving the demand for energy sources that are sustainable and environmentally sensitive.

Landers’ Energy & Resources team brings together an understanding of the sector that translates into sound commercial advice. This forms the foundation needed to advise on M&A transactions, capital raisings and IPOs, construction and infrastructure projects, contract negotiation, insurance coverage, workforce management, safety investigations and dispute strategy.

We act for clients across all parts of the sector including EnergyAustralia, Goldwind, Moly Mines Limited, Vestas and Orica to name a few, across a wide range of areas. Our team's experience, from both in private practice and in-house, allows us to provide insight into best practice and ideas from other sectors that can be valuable.