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Property settlements and financial disputes

Once you and your former partner have separated or divorced you will need to work out how to divide your property and financial assets. This can be a challenging area and our team can help you all aspects of working out and finalising your financial and property settlement.

There are a range of different approaches that you can take to work out your financial and property settlement, depending upon the particular issues involved, including:

  • direct conferencing
  • mediation
  • collaborative law
  • litigation (if there is no other viable alternative).

Our advice on the right approach to use will depend on each individual client's needs and circumstances, and will be designed to achieve a commercially sensible result for our client.

In addition, our team has developed an excellent network of other professionals who may be of assistance to our clients in other specific areas. These include family counsellors, specialist lawyers in areas outside of family and relationship law, tax advisors, accountants, financial planners and specialist valuers.



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