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Project development

Time is money. This is true in project development more so than in any other industry – and more so today than ever before. Our team comprises an experienced, energetic and coordinated group, which sees the big picture but never misses the fine detail or the value-adds.

From environment and planning, through to tenancies and disposals and everything in between, we understand the fundamentals of project feasibility and we know how to deliver on them.

Our team brings experience across the project range, from CBD office towers to broadacre industrial and residential subdivisions, shopping centres to convention centres, hotels and casinos to medical research facilities and mines, and more.

We advise owners, contractors, government, financiers, underwriters and developers from concept through to completion, operation and maintenance.

Our services

Debt and equity financing

We use a co-ordinated approach across a number of departments in the firm to provide both broad and tailored advice on the structuring, implementation and documentation of financing transactions both through equity and debt financing.  Read more about how we can assist you with debt and equity financing.

Energy and resources

Successful delivery of energy and resources to Australia's domestic and overseas markets requires understanding and management of a chain of interacting and interdependent risks and relationships. Feasibility can be highly sensitive to cost, time and quality variables, as well as to external market and economic factors. 

Our team understands the fundamentals for delivering successful projects in the energy and resources sectors. We can work with your project team to identify project-specific critical factors and establish a strategy for their management.

We provide a full range of services around the development and delivery of energy and resources initiatives in Australia and overseas. We also offer advice and services in specialised areas such as EPC and EPCM alliancing, water rights negotiation and finalisation, and transport and logistics issues.

Our firm also has many years experience in the energy and water industries as advisers to governments and regulators. Find out more about our work in relation to energy, water and other regulated industries.

Feasibility, asset enhancement and delivery

Adding value in asset delivery starts from the ground up. Our team will work with your project team on:

  • identify key legal and commercial risks and opportunities during feasibility and business case definition
  • Risk evaluation, management and planning
  • Opportunities for transaction enhancement, financing and takeout strategy
  • Align payment mechanisms and performance measures
  • Evaluate key risks, including stakeholder risk, for benchmarking and optimal risk allocation
  • Planning and zoning
  • Remediation
  • Delivery strategy
  • Mixed-use developments and staging

Operations and maintenance

The O&M and asset services industry involves a fundamentally distinct dynamic from that involved in asset delivery. Relationships in this industry will ideally endure for the long-term and will offer opportunities for continuous performance improvement and relationship enhancement. Our team has many years experience supporting stakeholders involved in operations and maintenance of assets.

Read more about how our team can assist you in relation to O&M.

Tendering and procurement

Our team is experienced in assisting both government and private sector participants to develop procurement and tendering strategies designed to underpin successful outcomes. We provide advice to bidders and purchasers around bid activities, including:

  • Procurement strategy and delivery models
  • Tendering options
  • Tender strategy and evaluation
  • Post-tender presentations and negotiations
  • Debt and equity funding models
  • Probity and procurement policy
  • Fiscal responsibility and gateway processes
  • PPP/PFI models
  • Alliancing and relationship contracts
  • Design and Construct, Early Contractor Involvement, Operations and Maintenance and other delivery models
  • Performance based and incentive based reward systems
  • Consultation with tax specialists on tax effective financing structures and strategies and GST formulating
  • Development of sub-developer strategies
  • Transaction team co-ordination

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