Wellness and benefits

Lander & Rogers has a long-term commitment to the wellbeing of its people and is focused on enabling you to bring your best self to work, both personally and professionally.

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Wellness @ Landers

We believe mental health is an integral part of a happy and productive workplace, and we continue to update our wellbeing programs to support our people.

Our people have access to a Wellness Day each year, which you are encouraged to use to focus on personal wellbeing. Each person also has access additional mental health support through the firm's employee assistance program (EAP).

Flexible working

Access the benefits of hybrid working conditions to help you focus, learn and connect during working hours; and to 'switch off' and be present with family and friends when not working.

As an important component to your development as a junior lawyer, you're encouraged you to find a work arrangement suited to the needs of both you and your practice group.

Practical legal training

Gain additional development support through your practical legal training program completed part-time over 30 weeks. Upon completion, receive a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice.

Lander & Rogers covers the cost of the program and provides generous study leave entitlements.

Graduate learning and development

Access a series of structured and connected learning content and opportunities held throughout the program to support your growth and increase your knowledge during the various program milestones.

Importantly, the program provides support as you transition off the program to ensure your development continues to align as a first-year lawyer.

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