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Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionise the legal profession by streamlining processes, unlocking new data insights, and improving access to justice. Maximising the benefits while balancing the risks of applying AI to legal practice calls for a deep understanding and thoughtful consideration of this rapidly developing technology.

The AI Lab by Lander & Rogers is a collaboration of experts focused on the intersection of innovation, technology, ethics and law and its impact on the legal sector. The AI Lab’s core purpose is to apply artificial intelligence for the benefit of our people, clients, community and environment.

AI Lab by Lander & Rogers – An expert group exploring how legal professional and law firms can use artificial intelligence to improve their legal practice.

Strategic areas of focus

Learn more about the AI Lab's strategic areas of focus below.

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Actively exploring and implementing AI use cases within legal practice, moving beyond testing to full integration into operational and client service frameworks.

Use cases may include AI for legal research, generative AI for brief writing and contract drafting, and beyond.

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Generating innovative proof-of-concepts and prototypes for the ways legal professionals and law firms can use AI while customising AI technology to meet the needs of specific legal environments and clients. Simultaneously, the firm is fostering AI literacy and understanding among its people, clients, and the community to nurture informed perspectives on the potential and limitations of AI in legal contexts.

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Collaborating with the LawTech Hub by Lander & Rogers and the broader innovation ecosystem, including industry leaders, academic institutions, and AI startups, to drive innovation while taking into account transparency, responsibility, and the ethical implications of this evolving technology.

The AI Lab by Lander & Rogers invites clients, AI-focused startups and scaleups, and the legal community to partner with us to shape the future of the legal profession. To find out more, contact a member of our team below.

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