Eligibility criteria

The LawTech Hub is designed for innovative individuals, teams and businesses that have the skill and drive to develop collaborative solutions to real business challenges.

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There are limited eligibility requirements for the program, however, applicants must be able to commit the time to the program to progress their solution through the various stages.

Below is guidance against which to assess your suitability for the program.


You may benefit from the LawTech Hub's program if you have:

  • an existing idea or concept backed by early customer research that sits within our AI program
  • an existing prototype or minimum viable product
  • a working AI solution that has been launched to the market or has progressed through an accelerator or incubator program
  • a passion and knack for solving unique business problems
  • an existing service or product that could be applied to solving a current business challenge with AI
  • secured seed funding, or successfully raised a round of funding
  • a diverse team with a strong skill balance and depth of expertise