Jared Woodruff

Jared Woodruff, Head of AI Engineering at Lander & Rogers.
Head of AI Engineering
Technology and AI Lab
Jared Woodruff, Head of AI Engineering at Lander & Rogers.

Jared is Lander & Rogers' Head of AI Engineering.

Leading the firm's Infrastructure team, he drives the AI strategy and operations agenda which involves integrating and designing advanced AI solutions from leading companies (Meta, OpenAI, Microsoft, Nvidia, Anthropic and Google) as well as open-source platforms such as Hugging Face.

Jared plays an integral role in the AI Lab by Lander & Rogers.

Jared's focus is on developing intelligent, efficient solutions that align with Lander & Rogers' business objectives and enhance client service delivery.


Jared joined Lander & Rogers in 2014, bringing to the firm an extensive background in artificial intelligence engineering, infrastructure architecture and software development.

He has led many transformative technology projects at Lander & Rogers, including designing the firm's data centre and rebuilding and modernising the entire server fleet, ensuring state-of-the-art performance and reliability.

Jared has extensive experience in transitioning to cloud technologies, as well as designing automation software solutions that reduce energy consumption and comply with regulatory and security standards.

He also has experience in integrating Microsoft Copilot into the firm's infrastructure architecture.

In addition to his role, Jared works with startups and large technology partners to provide guidance on generative AI systems and enterprise challenges.

Jared's areas of expertise include:

  • IT systems engineering
  • enterprise software development
  • cloud infrastructure architecture
  • devOps management
  • AI engineering and development.

Career highlights

Jared's career highlights include:

  • designing "Pulse" software to maintain COVID-19 compliance with regulations
  • designing "LRS" software to significantly reduce power consumption
  • developing a "Service IT" automation platform to create efficiencies for service desk members
  • designing a client portal for sharing matter details, contracts and files
  • developing "EyeSight" software to intelligently monitor assets and activity and predict instability in infrastructure systems and business processes.