Joel Kennedy

Joel Kennedy
Head of Client Projects
Joel Kennedy

Joel joined Lander & Rogers in 2018 and leads a team of automation, business process and legal technology specialists. The Client Projects team advise, support and guide the firm's clients on process optimisation and business transformation solutions.


With over 20 years' experience in commercial law firms, Joel has an in-depth, practical understanding of the efficiencies and opportunities where law and technology intersect.

Joel’s select experience includes:

  • Scoped, designed, developed and deployed a digital tool to automate onboarding processes for a large healthcare provider. Through centralised, digitised contract management and streamlined workflows, the client significantly reduced risk and minimised time and money spent on administrative tasks.
  • Developed numerous customised cloud-based self-service portals providing clients with real-time access to matter status, estimates, secure central document exchange, data rooms, customised dashboards and downloadable reporting with self-service shared precedent resources.
  • Managed development of a privacy compliance automation tool, a sophisticated, subscription-based compliance platform created by lawyers and delivered through the Client Projects team.
  • Worked with a large logistics company, to simplify a commonly used 65-page Word contract into a fast, easy-to-navigate interactive contract. This contained a linked index, navigation markers and a replicable format which could be used by both our client's in-house legal team as well as their business operations teams. The project was a finalist for the FT Innovative Lawyers Asia-Pacific 2021 'building design thinking' Award.
  • Partnered with beNEXT to manage the development of smart legal contract solutions and built on blockchain, for the real estate and property industries. This included an automated solution for agency authority agreements.

Career highlights

  • Innovation in smart delivery | 2023 Financial Times Asia-Pacific Innovative Lawyer Awards
  • Most innovative lawyers in cyber security & data governance | 2023 Financial Times Asia-Pacific Innovative Lawyer Awards
  • Legal design: Applying design thinking to contract review | 2021 Financial Times Asia-Pacific Innovative Lawyer Awards

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