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Environment and sustainability

Lander & Rogers recognises climate change is having a real and increasing impact on our people, clients and communities. In response, we’re acting to preserve our environment for the benefit of future generations.

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously. By investing in sustainable business practices that reduce our environmental footprint, we’re changing the way we operate, but we also seek to positively influence further afield. We champion sustainability and promote innovative responses to climate change for the benefit of us all.

Learn about the expectations we have of our own behaviour and our commitments for improvement in our Environmental Policy here.

Action plan

Our environmental action plan includes a suite of initiatives designed to drive impactful change. These include:

  • consideration of environmental impacts in high-level decision making
  • deepening our knowledge of the firm's environmental footprint and setting goals for purchasing 100% renewable energy and being carbon neutral
  • a sustainability audit of our supply chain and procurement processes
  • meaningful environmental targets and data-driven monitoring and evaluation of our progress
  • benchmarking against UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • creation of sustainable working environments across the firm
  • WELL accreditation for our new Melbourne office
  • ongoing training and education for our people
  • collaboration with communities, clients and other law firms to promote better environmental outcomes

Lander & Rogers and the Australian Legal Sector Alliance

Our firm is a member of the Australian Legal Sector Alliance (AusLSA), an industry-led association promoting sustainability across the legal sector. We're committed to the AusLSA Principles, part of which involves measuring and monitoring our environmental consumption in a transparent way. We track our progress against a credible baseline and report publicly on the performance of our sustainability initiatives. Lander & Rogers' consumption report can be found here.

AusLSA reporting member logo 2021

In 2022 Lander & Rogers achieved independent certification of its AusLSA Environmental Management System (aEMS). The certification recognises the action the firm has taken to understand its environmental impact and mitigate future adverse outcomes, as well as its commitment to ongoing monitoring and improvement of its environmental performance.

AusLSA Environmental Management System logo

Lander & Rogers and Climate Active

In recognition of our commitment to operating responsibly and sustainably, Lander & Rogers is certified as a carbon neutral organisation and service provider by Climate Active. This means we've minimised our carbon emissions and invested in projects that reduce or remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Consumers of products and services can also contribute to positive environmental outcomes by selecting carbon neutral service providers in their supply chain choices and by promoting awareness and value for carbon neutral certifications like Climate Active. Find out more about Lander & Rogers' emissions footprint and reduction strategies in our Climate Active public disclosure statement.

Climate Active Network Member

Lander & Rogers and Cityswitch

We've partnered with CitySwitch, an organisation that supports office-based businesses to improve their energy and waste efficiency.


Fast facts

  • 63%

    increase in people over the last 10 years whilst reducing sector benchmarked carbon emissions by 30%

  • 80%

    reduction in paper consumption through the adoption of eBrief digital technology

  • 100%

    of our electricity is now procured using GreenPower