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Our vision: 

Lander & Rogers commits to promoting reconciliation and contributing to Australia’s effort to close the gap between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the wider Australian community. 

As a commercial law firm, we seek to support the increase in representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, organisations, and businesses within the Australian legal profession, and the broader Australian business sector.


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Our Reconciliation Action Plan 

In launching our first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in 2014, we aspired to create mutually beneficial and meaningful relationships from which respect and real opportunities can grow.

Our firm’s commitment to tackling the obstacles that hinder genuine and sustainable reconciliation between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the wider community has become a genuine point of focus. We are proud to launch our second RAP and look forward to achieving new goals that continue to contribute to reconciliation in Australia.

Our second RAP is an Innovate RAP, and was shaped with progression to a Stretch RAP firmly in mind. We have set meaningful goals that allow for the flexibility of organic growth and, where appropriate, encourage the consideration of tangible targets for the future.

We would like to acknowledge the contribution of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee — Karly Warner, Aunty Pam Pederson, and Paul Paulson — for their insight and support over the course of our journey.

Read our full Reconciliation Action Plan - December 2017 - December 2019


Reflections on our first RAP

Reflections on our first RAP infographic 

We launched our first RAP in 2014. We aspired to create mutually beneficial and meaningful relationships from which respect and real opportunities can grow. Towards this goal, we have learnt from and succeeded together with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, communities, and organisations with which we engage and work in the course of our business.

In addition to pro bono hours, donations, and fundraising, we have:

  • continued to build and strengthen relationships;
  • established RAP governance structures;
  • prepared and introduced cultural protocol guidelines;
  • raised awareness through events and activities such as exhibitions, film screenings, welcome to country performances, and regular internal communications; and
  • contributed as a member of the Legal Profession Reconciliation Network and the Law Institute of Victoria's RAP Oversight Committee.

Read more about the highlights and reflections from our first RAP



Reconciliation Action Plan - December 2017 - December 2019

We believe our first RAP has been successful in laying the foundations for a sustainable and long-lasting commitment to reconciliation at Lander & Rogers.

We are committed to continuing this journey and excited about the progress that we expect to make through our second RAP.

We encourage you to explore the following links for a snapshot of our key initiatives and focus areas for our Reconciliation Action Plan - December 2017 - December 2019:


The foundations of our RAP are built on strong existing relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients and organisations that are run, owned by, represent, or assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Relationships are important to Lander & Rogers because they are the foundation to building a genuine two way exchange towards reconciliation.

> Read about Relationships in our RAP
> Full Relationships deliverables



Respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, communities, and cultures is a critical component of our RAP. Respect is an intangible quality that is difficult to measure. However, we believe respect encompasses two key aspects and these underpin our RAP and our client relationships.

> Read about Respect in our RAP
> Full Respect deliverables



Lander & Rogers recognises that it is important to have an awareness of the differences in the realities facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in employment, business and education. In addition to simply being an equal opportunity employer, we must actively facilitate opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, organisations, and communities that support education, recruitment, and retention, as well as direct engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned businesses in order to contribute to “closing the gap” in our society.

> Read about Opportunities in our RAP
> Full Opportunities deliverables


Our partnerships

The unquestionable highlight of our first RAP, and a continuing focus for our Reconciliation Action Plan - December 2017 - December 2019, has been fostering genuine and meaningful relationships with our partner organisations.

FVPLS Vic Logo Stacked

Aboriginal Family Violence Prevention and Legal Service (Victoria)

Lander & Rogers has provided pro bono legal advice to FVPLS (Victoria) since 2009. The Service performs vital work building knowledge, culture and helping to empower women so they are able to move away from family violence and build new lives where they can contribute to their community and ensure strong family foundations for their children.


CFF Logo landscape

Cathy Freeman Foundation

Lander & Rogers has worked in partnership with the Cathy Freeman Foundation since 2010 to support positive life outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. Through our legal work and community engagement, we have supported the Foundation's objectives to build pathways to a brighter future through education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, initially on Palm Island and, more recently, nationally.


 Warmun Art Centre

Warmun Art Centre

In 2013, Lander & Rogers was partnered with Warmun Art Centre in the East Kimberley through the Arts Law Centre Adopt a Lawyer program. We work with the Art Centre to respond to its legal needs and assist it in supporting strong community and culture in Warmun. Our engagement with Gija people of the East Kimberley is enriching our firm's knowledge and understanding of language and culture. We are pleased to be able to deepen our relationship through personal engagement of our people through legal work, secondment and annual visits to Warmun.



Read more about the highlights of these partnerships


RAP contact

Jo Renkin TN 

Joanna Renkin | Chair of RAP Oversight Committee 
Partner, Pro Bono Community Support
+61 3 9269 9360


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