Case study: Automating privacy compliance

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Rapid advancements in technology mean businesses have access to more data and information than ever before. However, as privacy regulation evolves, and as personal information increasingly becomes a target for cyber attacks, data is not only an opportunity but a liability.

The brief

A Lander & Rogers team of Australian privacy regulatory experts and technologists collaborated to develop a compliance automation solution to assist businesses to actively manage the privacy aspects associated with their IT solutions, reduce risks associated with cyber incidents and comply with regulatory requirements.

The challenge

Privacy regulatory compliance can be complex and difficult to navigate, particularly given the amount of data and information businesses have access to. Lander & Rogers set out to develop a privacy compliance automation tool to simplify privacy compliance, reduce the risks associated with technology systems, and seamlessly evaluate privacy impacts before they occur.

The solution

Our team developed a web-based application to enable procurement, risk, compliance, IT and legal teams to seamlessly manage privacy and cyber risks by:

  • recognising and preventing privacy and cyber risks before they occur
  • supporting cyber insurance gaps
  • evaluating impacts on personal information, its collection, use and storage
  • recording privacy practices in a report ready for the board, regulatory audits or ESG assessments.

How it works

The privacy compliance automation tool guided users through assessing their software application privacy risks, with easy-to-understand reporting.

  1. Capture key features of a project
  2. Walk through critical regulatory concepts
  3. Automatically analyse key project inputs
  4. Review a system-generated risk weighting
  5. Access a set of actionable mitigation steps
  6. Export a board-ready privacy risk report.

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