Real-life uses of blockchain in business and law

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On Tuesday 20th November, clients joined us at YBF Ventures for an engaging discussion on the real-life uses of blockchain in business and law. As well as a panel discussion, we were treated to presentations from two leading experts and distinguished thought leaders in Australia’s blockchain sector — Dr Philippa Ryan and Emma Weston.

Dr Philippa Ryan discusses blockchain technology and her work for Standards Australia

Dr Ryan, who is also Lander & Rogers' external board member, discussed the increasing importance around the accountability of algorithms, and how the legal scenario becomes more problematic when self-learning technology is introduced. Dr Ryan stressed the critical importance of “operational domain” in blockchain technology, demonstrating how the operational domain determines the appetite for risk using the example of the space race and Apollo 11. Finally, Dr Ryan spoke about her work for Standards Australia, and how the bodies creating global standards for blockchain are focussed on interoperability as well as baking in sustainable development goals to ensure this revolutionary technology is used for good.

To watch the full 10-minute presentation by Dr Philippa Ryan, please click here.

Emma Weston discusses AgriDigital and its first blockchain sale of grain

Emma spoke from an operational perspective, sharing the journey of AgriDigital — a company using technologies such as blockchain to build a supply chain for the agricultural sector that is embedded with digital trust. We heard about the role blockchain has in introducing liquidity into the supply chain and reducing financial risk, as well as some real examples of how AgriDigital is harnessing this technology to solve real world problems. Emma took us step-by-step through the first blockchain-powered grain sale, and how smart contracts delivered payment to the farmer before he or she had left the purchaser’s driveway. We were left with the knowledge of how blockchain can provide huge orders of magnitude for process efficiency and risk mitigation in supply-chain.

To watch the full 10-minute presentation by Emma Weston, please click here.

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