Blockchain and digital assets

Smart contracts, cryptocurrencies and other digital assets have enormous potential, but complex and rapidly evolving laws remain a challenge.

Our blockchain law team combines comprehensive technical knowledge with the expertise and experience of a leading commercial law firm. We're one of the few Australian firms with the expertise to help businesses realise the potential of blockchain and distributed ledger technology.

Legal advice for blockchain businesses

Our blockchain lawyers specialise in smoothing the path through legal issues that can delay or derail the development of new products and processes. We provide legal and commercial advice to the following:

  • technology founders and startups
  • foreign blockchain businesses entering the Australian market
  • established Australian companies launching blockchain projects

Transcending industries and use cases

Distributed ledger technology is solving real-world problems ranging from copyright protection and payment security, to retail supply chain compliance. We provide comprehensive, plain-English advice for businesses seeking to explore or implement blockchain-based solutions including the following:

  • smart legal contracts
  • retail supply chain and logistics
  • financial products and cryptocurrencies
  • real estate and property
  • data sharing and storage
  • privacy, data security and intellectual property law

Leading experts in smart contracts

Distributed ledger technology creates the ability to make legal contracts programmable and machine readable. Automating parts of the contracting process has great potential but comes with technological and legal challenges. Two of our lawyers and one board member sit on the Standards Australia Smart Contracts Working Group, helping to establish universal smart legal contract standards for the International Standards Organisation.

Access to Australia’s leading legal-tech ecosystem

Lander & Rogers is deeply embedded in Australia’s startup and legal-tech communities. Our lawyers are perfectly positioned to provide the legal bridgework needed to commercialise emerging technologies.

In 2019 we founded two significant initiatives.

  • Our LawTech Hub is an award-winning immersion program where lawyers and technology startups collaborate on law-tech innovations.
  • The iHub is a multidisciplinary team of lawyers, digital designers and business specialists who work with our clients to co-design solutions for real legal and commercial problems.

Lander & Rogers and Blockchain Australia

Lander & Rogers is a member of Blockchain Australia, the peak industry body representing Australian businesses and business professionals participating in the digital economy through blockchain technology. As members, we're proud to be driving innovative business models and advocating for the adoption of blockchain technology in Australia.