The Age of #MeToo: Part 3 - Essential business responses

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In our third and final in our series, Workplace Relations & Safety Partner Aaron Goonrey is once again joined by Linsey Simpson, Thomson Reuters' Head of Human Resources for ANZ, for a candid conversation about the impacts of #MeToo, particularly for HR professionals.

In this edition, Essential business responses in the age of #MeToo, Aaron and Linsey share their views about the proactive steps businesses should take in response to the #ageofmetoo including:

  • re-educating employees (including senior business leaders), specifically their role in upholding expected standards;
  • consider approaches to provide anonymity for employees who may not otherwise have the confidence to speak up;
  • re-examining processes, procedures and policies to ensure they enable and encourage employees to raise issues; and
  • creating regular internal dialogue to keep awareness of processes and policies where they may already exist.

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