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Lander & Rogers joins Seabin™ in its mission to tackle marine pollution

Lander & Rogers employees sifting through a collection of sea waste to identify rubbish.
  • Marine conservation organisation engages Lander & Rogers for strategic and legal guidance as it expands its scope and operations
  • Partnership reflects mutual commitment to protecting the environment and driving positive change in the community

National contemporary law firm Lander & Rogers has partnered with marine conservation organisation Seabin™ as part of its increased focus on sustainability and innovative responses to climate change to preserve the natural environment.

Seabin™, an Australian-led initiative to reduce marine litter that has gained worldwide momentum in the last five years, has enlisted the support of Lander & Rogers' legal experts as it navigates the next phase of its rapidly growing operations.

As part of the deal, the firm will provide pro bono corporate, technology and workplace legal guidance to the organisation in its fight against ocean waste and pollution.

“As Seabin™ continues to rapidly scale, we are grateful and privileged to have the support and expertise of Lander & Rogers as one of our integral growth partners; enabling us to further deliver on our mission for cleaner oceans,” said Pete Ceglinski, founder of Seabin™.

Seabin™ began making waves in 2015 when it garnered widespread attention for its signature Seabin marine filter. Described by Mr Ceglinski as a "trash can crossed with a pool skimmer", Seabins are installed in heavily populated waterside areas, like marinas, where they collect rubbish, oil, fuel and detergents and stop marine debris from flowing into the ocean.

More than 1,100 Seabins have been installed in 53 countries worldwide, with each bin capturing an estimated 1.5 tonnes of litter per year. The Seabin™ team monitors and collects data on debris captured by its Seabins to inform education and outreach programs for communities, businesses and policymakers to drive on-land changes in what we consume and how we dispose of it.

Leading the firm's work with Seabin™, Lander & Rogers corporate partner Deanna Constable acknowledged that Seabin™'s work had never been more vital. "We're delighted to be collaborating with a passionate and innovative organisation that has the potential to make a real and positive impact on our environment. As organisations, we have a deep responsibility to take action against environmental damage and to do all we can to preserve our planet for future generations."

To celebrate the partnership, Seabin™ hosted a dockside event and livestream from Sydney's Rushcutter's Bay, where Lander & Rogers employees took part in a waste and data collection session and saw up close how a Seabin works ─ and how much waste it collects. With coffee pods, microplastics and food packaging among the day's catch, the session was a sobering reminder of the extent of marine pollution and the importance of supporting initiatives that are driving real and meaningful change.

Lander & Rogers is a member of the Australian Legal Sector Alliance, an industry-led association promoting sustainability in the legal sector, and has committed to reducing its environmental footprint, including purchasing 100% renewable energy in 2021, being carbon neutral in 2022 and a zero-waste firm by 2025.

"Our partnership with Seabin™ is another step in our sustainability journey," said Ms Constable. "It's a privilege to be involved in the incredible work the team is doing both in Australia and worldwide."

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