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Ashley is an accredited specialist in family law who has dedicated her career to guiding clients through family and relationship law matters. Recognised by the profession as a rising star in the 2023 edition of Doyle’s Guide, Ashley is known for her technical expertise and practical, assured approach. Ashley graduated with first-class honours in law from Monash University in 2015.

Ashley excels in negotiations, often achieving amicable resolutions at private mediations. This not only saves her clients the time and expense of court proceedings, but also reduces the emotional toll of litigation. While Ashley aims to resolve matters outside of court, she is also a skilled litigator who vigorously advocates for her clients’ interests, should court proceedings become necessary.

Servicing clients across Australia and internationally, Ashley leverages an extensive network of professionals—including accountants, financial advisers, mortgage brokers, tax advisers, and barristers—to expertly manage all aspects of her clients' needs, leading to optimal outcomes.

Ashley regularly works with clients to protect assets from future relationship breakdowns. She specialises in drafting binding financial agreements and providing asset protection advice, often in the context of transferring intergenerational wealth, for family offices and clients generally who require that protection.

Ashley's practice is built on the core values of compassion, efficiency, and a steadfast commitment to exceptional client service. Ashley is dedicated to helping her clients achieve the best possible outcomes, enabling them to rebuild their lives with confidence after a separation.


Ashley's expertise includes:

  • property and financial matters, including spousal maintenance and property settlements involving asset pools of any size, for both married and de facto couples
  • parenting matters, including negotiating appropriate parenting arrangements following separation as well as complex cases involving parental alienation, interstate and overseas relocations and allegations of risk
  • complex financial matters, particularly in cases involving trusts and companies, disputed property and business valuations and taxation implications of settlements
  • drafting financial agreements, including prenuptial agreements, agreements during a relationship or post-separation, and mirror financial agreements to document terms of a financial agreement from an overseas jurisdiction
  • asset protection and estate planning, including working with family offices and high net worth individuals to protect inter-generational wealth
  • international cross-border disputes involving property and children, as well as arguments as to the appropriate jurisdiction to hear the dispute
  • family violence and intervention orders
  • child support matters, including enforcement, contravention and registration of child support agreements.

Career highlights

Ashley's career highlights includes:

  • obtaining a favourable property settlement for her client, including the hotly contested retention of the former matrimonial home, where the case involved disputed business and property valuations and an asset pool exceeding $85M
  • successfully opposing an application for an interstate relocation, enabling her client to continue spending substantial and significant time with their child
  • successfully arguing that Australia was the appropriate forum for property and parenting proceedings in a case involving multiple jurisdictions and assets held overseas.

Client feedback

"I am immensely grateful to Ashley for her exceptional expertise, knowledge and unwavering support throughout my complex post separation case. Her dedication and skills in navigating me through the intricate family law and intervention orders have secured an incredible outcome for my family and children. Ashley's professionalism and compassion made a profound difference and I cannot thank her enough for her outstanding work and family centred approach."

"A pragmatic, practical and focused approach to resolving outcomes for all parties. I have experienced this in several instances working with Ashley, whether this is on significant matters of $85M+ spanning years or straightforward, more minor matters. Ashley has a diverse network and uses this network to her client's advantage, ensuring best-in-field advisors collaborate to achieve outcomes—the practitioner you want in your corner."