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Family & Relationship Law
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Collette is an accredited family law specialist who has worked solely in the family law jurisdiction for more than 17 years (including serving as the Associate to a Judge presiding exclusively over family law matters). Collette is an integral member of the national Family & Relationship Law leadership team and is one of Australia's most respected family lawyers.


Collette has looked after clients across the spectrum of matrimonial and de facto family law disputes, most notably in:

  • High value and complex financial settlements, maintenance and child support cases where there is often overlap with corporate and trust structuring/ restructuring following the breakdown of a personal relationship;
  • Complex parenting matters. Collette has considerable expertise assisting families with non-traditional structures, and in cases involving serious allegations of risk and family violence;
  • Pre-nuptial/ pre-cohabitation agreements particularly for high and ultra-high net worth families where inter-generational wealth transfer and asset protection are key concerns.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Collette held a senior management position in audit and risk management with a publicly listed company. Collette applies this unique commercial understanding and perspective to her family law practice. Her background and experience has led to an extensive and loyal referral base of financial service providers, accountants and therapeutic professionals, with whom she regularly collaborates for the mutual benefit of her clients.

Collette is recognised in Doyle's Guide as a leading family and divorce lawyer, a recommended family lawyer (high-value and complex property), and a recommended family lawyer (parenting). Collette is renowned for her pragmatic, solutions-focused approach to resolving family law disputes and she inspires the same behaviours in the team she leads.

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