Rohan Dias

Partner, Construction and Contract Automation

Rohan is a highly regarded construction lawyer and a market-leading legal innovator, with over 12 years of experience advising tier 1 construction and infrastructure companies on all project matters including tendering, contract negotiation, project-in-delivery issue resolution and disputes.

As an innovator of legal technology, Rohan has helped ASX 100 companies achieve multi-million dollar annual returns on investment through the delivery and scaling of automated contract solutions.


Rohan has extensive experience advising on a wide range of construction and infrastructure projects, including large-scale billion-dollar transport infrastructure transactions, as well as commercial, industrial and residential development projects in a variety of sectors.

With a background in physics and mathematics, he is particularly valued by clients for his ability to quickly grasp the technical and commercial aspects of projects, as it enables him to consistently deliver commercially pragmatic advice founded on a deep understanding of project risk.

Rohan previously spent over four years in-house at a tier 1 construction and development company, which included on-the-ground experience with joint venture bid teams on major tenders. This has given him an inherent appreciation of business process and the operational aspects of his clients' organisations.

Bringing skills beyond those of the standard lawyer to the table, Rohan has market-leading expertise in contract and workflow automation. He has a proven track record in this space and his experience covers all phases from inception to delivery including pitch/ROI case, design and build (legal drafting and coding), change management, roll-out, scaling and maintenance.

Career highlights

Rohan's career highlights include:

  • Acciona – Sydney Western Harbour Tunnel ($4Bn+): Advised Acciona on the Incentivised Target Cost design and construct contract for the construction of the Western Harbour Tunnel in Sydney
  • Subcontract Automation – Lendlease: Developed an automated subcontract generation platform that delivered an estimated saving in time of 350% and a significant reduction in cost to Lendlease. The overwhelming success of the platform resulted in the executive management team endorsing it as the new "business-as usual" way of creating subcontracts across all projects
  • Sydney Metro – Southwest Stations and Corridor Works bid ($500M+): Lead lawyer for Lendlease (in joint venture with CPB Contractors) on complex bid based on an "incentivised target cost" contracting model
  • Monash Freeway Upgrade (Stage 2) D&C bid ($700M+): Lead lawyer for Lendlease on bid for this major road infrastructure project
  • Darling Quarter Building Upgrade D&C: Lead advisor for Lendlease Building on this complex commercial development project in Sydney's CBD
  • Sydney Metro – Central Station bid ($700m+): Advised Lendlease on expression of interest and tender submission
  • The Northern Road 5 bid ($150m+): Advised Lendlease on bid for major road infrastructure project
  • EPC transactions: Advised on various engineering project deals including solar farms and submarine cable projects
  • Gateway Upgrade North project: Advised Lendlease on delivery issues and claims against subcontractors and consultants, including in relation to defects, delay and disruption

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