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Gender Dysphoria - Re Kelvin

Lander & Rogers has acted on behalf of many families on a pro bono basis seeking stage 2 and stage 3 treatment for Gender Dysphoria. We are proud to have partnered with the Human Rights Law Centre in acting on behalf of one of the intervenors in the landmark decision of Re Kelvin, which found that stage two treatment of a child with gender dysphoria no longer requires court authorisation.
Shayal Autar casual bw Shayal's story
During my graduate year at Landers, I was lucky enough to be involved in the landmark and long awaited judgment in Re Kelvin which confirmed that Court authorisation is no longer required for stage 2 treatment, unless there is a controversy regarding the treatment and the young person's capacity to consent to such treatment.
"This case has been a rewarding experience for me, both in terms of my professional and personal development. I was able to strengthen my drafting skills by converting young persons' stories about their transition and need for the treatment into a legal framework for the purposes of an application to the Family Court. My involvement has also meant I was able to practice in the law in this area before and after its development, including experiencing the positive impact these changes have had on families and young persons. Experiencing and being involved in the development of the law so early in my legal career was a rare and unique opportunity. The most fulfilling part of this experience has been appreciating and empathising with young persons' stories regarding their transition, and assisting families to access legal representation and the ability to have their matter heard by the Family Court, when they would otherwise face significant costs and delay in obtaining the treatment they required. This aspect of the work provided a strong foundation for the work that I now do on a day-to-day basis in the Family & Relationship Law group."
Shayal Autar casual

2017 Graduate - Shayal Autar, Family & Relationship Law

Family Court Proceeding resulted in safety, empowerment and independence

Family violence is unfortunately more prevalent than many realise and impacts many Australian families and children.
Jack Marquis casual bw Jack's story
I acted for a woman in Family Court proceedings who had suffered significant physical, emotional and financial violence by her former husband. Throughout the proceedings, I was responsible for the day-to-day running of the matter, including giving advice to the client, negotiating with the former husband's lawyers, and attending Court events.
With the help of a barrister, we were able to resolve the matter at a final hearing, which resulted in our client receiving a property settlement that enabled her to buy a new home for herself and her young children. It was so wonderful being able to help the client through an incredibly emotional and difficult time in her life, and I got to see firsthand how my work empowered her to take control of her own life and be financially independent from her former husband.
MG 4583

2016 Graduate - Jack Marquis, Lawyer in Family & Relationship Law

General protections conciliation

Even new lawyers can get called in to defend large clients...
Alannah Slater casual bw Alannah's story
Just two weeks into life as a newly settled lawyer, I was asked to defend a general protections claim lodged by a former employee of one of our clients, a large telecommunications provider.
"The matter required me to review the materials lodged by the former employee, liaise directly with our client, prepare our client's response to the claim, and most excitingly, appear on behalf of our client at the conciliation. The matter resolved at conciliation on terms that were highly favourable to our client. As the most junior lawyer in the group, I was honoured to be asked to manage this file and trusted to appear at the conciliation. It was a complex, challenging and fulfilling matter to be involved in, and one of the highlights of my legal career to date."
Alannah Slater casual

2017 Graduate - Alannah Slater, Lawyer in Workplace Relations & Safety group

Judicial review of asylum application

Lander & Rogers acted for a pro bono client, running a judicial review proceeding in the Federal Circuit Court. The decision in question was a rejection of the client's claim for asylum.
MG 3960 BW Josh's story
I assisted the coordinator of our Asylum Seeker pro bono practice in running a judicial review proceeding in the Federal Circuit Court.

"We acted for a Hazara man from Afghanistan, who had travelled to Australia by boat and made an unsuccessful application for asylum, and we were appealing the decision to reject his claim. My responsibilities included mounting and drafting legal arguments to be used in our written submissions, as well as attending conference with counsel to discuss the strategy of the case.

It was a fulfilling matter to be involved in and one of the highlights of my grad year. Going from studying Administrative Law at university to being directly involved with a judicial review in a federal court in the space of 12 months was exciting and rewarding. On a professional level, it was great to have made a meaningful contribution in a Federal Circuit Court matter. I felt lucky to get real exposure to a fascinating area of law in which Landers does a lot of significant work."

Josh Butler casual

2016 Graduate - Joshua Butler, Lawyer in Corporate group

Class Action arising from an Australian Music Festival

This year we have been involved in a class action arising out of an incident at a large Australian music festival.
Grace Duncan casual bw Grace's story
Our Insurance Law & Litigation group have been involved in a class action arising out of an incident at a large Australian music festival. My role involves the the day-to-day management of the class action, including speaking regularly to the festival organisers and industry experts. I have gained valuable experience from working on all the different stages of the matter, including gathering witness statements, fielding media requests, analysing expert evidence and discussing strategic steps with our barristers.
"I enjoy the hands-on challenge of running a class action, and have learned so much about litigation in the process. I have also been able to get an amazing insight into the music industry. I've found that the detailed knowledge that you gather about other industries is one of the highlights of working in a litigation team."
Grace Duncan casual cropped

Grace Duncan, Lawyer in Insurance Law & Litigation Group