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Mountain Goat Beer sale

The sale of the craft beer business to brewing giant Asahi in 2015 – a high profile transaction that attracted considerable attention due to its strategic significance in the craft beer industry.
dean balassis Dean's story
It was an incredible learning experience to work so closely with partners and lawyers on this complex transaction, and to be able to contribute to the transaction as a Graduate. We celebrated completion of the transaction with some of our client's product!
"I was involved in a variety of tasks including: drafting letters of assignment for intellectual property, assisting in the preparation of corporate documentation for settlement of the transaction, researching discrete areas of law involved in the transaction and performing on-going due diligence. We had to complete urgent tasks as they arose, while also assisting on other broader tasks required as part of the process.”
dean balassis

2015 Graduate, Dean Balassis

Jayant Patel Medical Board

Lander & Rogers represented the Medical Board of Australia in its successful disciplinary proceedings against Bundaberg surgeon Jayant Patel. The board found that Patel was deliberately deceptive in registration applications and in his treatment of five patients at the Bundaberg Base Hospital, all of whom died after surgery he performed.
louise nixon Louise's story
The disciplinary proceedings were important because even though criminal prosecutions can have a protective outcome (especially if there is a custodial sentence), their purpose is to punish and deter. Whereas the primary aim of disciplinary proceedings is to ensure the public is protected; disciplinary proceedings have the ability to prevent a person practising or engaging in further harmful conduct.
"The finalisation of these proceedings also demonstrates the role of regulators in an increasingly small world where professionals may travel and work in multiple jurisdictions. This decision was a landmark outcome for our client because orders permanently precluding a person from their profession are very rare. QCAT's decision in this case sets the current benchmark for what conduct will justify such an order."
louise nixon

Partner, Louise Nixon

Mammoet High Court case

When is something of monetary value not a “payment”? Lander & Rogers acted for heavy machinery provider Mammoet in a High Court appeal over strike pay provisions for its workers at the Woodside’s Pluto natural gas project in Western Australia.
georgina taylor Georgina's story
Many litigation lawyers don't make it to the High Court in all their professional lives, so I know how lucky I was to be involved in Mammoet v CFMEU as a graduate in our Workplace Relations & Safety team at Landers.
"As the most junior team member, my key task was research. Sounds dull? It wasn’t – I loved feeling that the work I was doing was an important part of the overall case. It was a privilege to sit in chambers nutting out issues with the team, and everyone made me feel that my contribution was genuinely valuable. It was unforgettable sitting in the High Court watching senior counsel make submissions on obscure legislation from the 1600s that I'd spent hours researching."
georgina taylor

Lawyer, (2012 graduate program) Georgina Taylor

Judicial review of asylum application

Lander & Rogers acted for a pro bono client, running a judicial review proceeding in the Federal Circuit Court. The decision in question was a rejection of the client's claim for asylum.
MG 3960 BW Josh's story
I assisted the coordinator of our Asylum Seeker pro bono practice in running a judicial review proceeding in the Federal Circuit Court.

"We acted for a Hazara man from Afghanistan, who had travelled to Australia by boat and made an unsuccessful application for asylum, and we were appealing the decision to reject his claim. My responsibilities included mounting and drafting legal arguments to be used in our written submissions, as well as attending conference with counsel to discuss the strategy of the case.

It was a fulfilling matter to be involved in and one of the highlights of my grad year. Going from studying Administrative Law at university to being directly involved with a judicial review in a federal court in the space of 12 months was exciting and rewarding. On a professional level, it was great to have made a meaningful contribution in a Federal Circuit Court matter. I felt lucky to get real exposure to a fascinating area of law in which Landers does a lot of significant work."

MG 3960 BW

2016 Graduate, Joshua Butler