Creating pathways for Indigenous students

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Last month, Lander & Rogers, in partnership with the Indigenous Lawyers Association of Queensland (ILAQ), hosted the first workshop in a series aimed to equip Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander law students with the practical tools necessary to pursue a career in the legal industry.

Pro Bono & Community Support Partner, Joanna Renkin said "the workshop series is designed to address challenges faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander law students, whilst also providing advice regarding opportunities for support and development. The seminar aims to instil in participating law students a sense of expanded contribution and opportunity".

The workshop gave law students information about a number of professional opportunities including placement options in Brisbane based law firms, internship programs and insight into the role of a Judge's Associate. Presenters at the workshop also stressed the importance of networking and professional engagement in commencing and pursuing a career in the legal industry.

"It was terrific working with ILAQ to make our first workshop a success. The students were thrilled at being able to gain insider knowledge from such distinguished presenters and were able to hear, first hand, about the great opportunities available to them as they navigate their entry into a career in law", said Lander & Rogers lawyer and Pro Bono Co-Ordinator in Brisbane, Tara Evans, who organised the day.

"Landers is committed to engaging meaningfully with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, to empower people and their communities and to use our privileged professional standing to contribute in a meaningful way. Our Reconciliation Action Plan sets out in detail our aspirations to provide opportunities to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to get to know us, to understand their potential to pursue a law degree and to consider a career at our firm. We would like to host more of these seminars in the future" said Joanna.

Presenters at the workshop included The Honourable Justice Philippides, present and past Presidents of the Queensland Law Society, and representatives from Antigone Legal, CareerTrackers and Suited to Success.

As part of its commitment to broadening opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander law students, Lander & Rogers has also hosted a number of other programs in Melbourne and Sydney. Last month, the Sydney office hosted two law students from The University of New South Wales (UNSW) for a week of work experience, a program created in conjunction with Nura Gili, the Indigenous Programs Unit at UNSW. Similarly in Melbourne this month, Lander & Rogers hosted two law students as part of the WorkSafe Victoria Cadetship Program. The six week program, which is now in its third year, provides Indigenous law school students with mentorship in, and exposure to, varying areas of the law.

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