Industry collaboration creates JRLink to meet urgent legal need for asylum seekers

Image for Article: Industry collaboration creates JRLink to meet urgent legal need for asylum seekers

Lander & Rogers and the Legacy Caseload Working Group have launched — an innovative online platform to provide solicitors with the free training and resources that they need to assist asylum seekers with pro bono advice.

Demand for legal services to support asylum seekers in Australia, particularly judicial review, continues to grow. While there is strong sentiment across the industry to help, lawyers need the skills and knowledge to do so. JRLink bridges that gap by providing free legal education and tools to assist lawyers in running judicial review matters that can change the lives of those seeking refuge.

JRLink was built by a team of Lander & Rogers' lawyers and members of the Legacy Caseload Working Group, led by lawyer Joshua Butler.

Chelsea Clark, Program Manager of Migration at Victoria Legal Aid, said, “The demand for legal assistance in this area of the law is increasing and asylum seekers are often reliant on the services of pro bono lawyers to access justice. While lawyers may be willing to help, lack of expertise in this area of law can be a barrier to entry — JRLink helps overcome this and is an excellent example of the legal sector working collaboratively to address the unmet legal need".

JRLink features a practical training course with online video seminars, supporting notes, assessment quizzes, and template materials. The video seminars are presented by industry experts including Matthew Albert, Counsel — the 2019 recipient of the John Gibson Award for human rights and refugee advocacy.

Lander & Rogers' Pro Bono Partner, Joanna Renkin, explains, "This platform is a targeted solution to the demand from lawyers across Australia for access to judicial review training. At anytime, anywhere in Australia, lawyers will be able to build professional expertise whilst supporting refugees with the legal representation that is so desperately needed.

"Using JRLink, lawyers at Lander & Rogers are able to make an impact by providing urgent legal assistance to vulnerable clients as they navigate our legal system".

Lawyers and organisations that are currently providing pro bono assistance to asylum seekers in Australia, or are interested in doing so, are encouraged to register now at for free training, materials, and in-person workshops led by leading solicitors and barristers.

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