Lander & Rogers launches its second Reconciliation Action Plan

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National Australian law firm Lander & Rogers is delighted to announce the launch of its second Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

Lander & Rogers' Chief Executive Partner, Andrew Willder, highlighted that reconciliation was an issue of national importance and that the firm is committed to supporting the increase in representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, organisations, and businesses.

"Lander & Rogers has a strong commitment to tackling the obstacles that hinder sustainable reconciliation between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the wider community. Reconciliation is a genuine point of focus for the firm, and we are proud of what we have achieved since we launched our first RAP — many of the ambitious actions and initiatives that we articulated are now “business as usual" for the firm", he said.

"In our second RAP, we have set meaningful targets that build on the foundations that the firm has established. We are proud to launch this RAP and look forward to achieving new goals that continue to contribute to reconciliation in Australia," he added.

Lander & Rogers RAP Consultant Hannah Kotzman added, "We have made good progress towards embedding strong cultural awareness training practices, and we have established cultural protocols and guidelines. We are also actively creating and developing mentoring relationships and opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment at Lander & Rogers".

"We would like to acknowledge the contribution of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee — Karly Warner, Aunty Pam Pederson, and Paul Paulson — for their valuable insight and support over the course of our journey. We appreciate their generous guidance".

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