Mortgages, guarantees and security agreements

Securities generally refer to instruments that provide security over collateral for loans or other types of financial transactions. This collateral includes tangible assets such as property or intangible assets like shares.

This type of contract creates a right for the lender to take possession and sell the collateral to recover outstanding debts.

Mortgages, guarantees and security agreements are tools for both borrowers and lenders to facilitate transactions securely, setting out the responsibilities of both parties in the event of a default. These matters are often complex and challenging, involving significant documentation and requiring a strategic approach.

When dealing with securities and enforcement, engage a legal team with experience advising, prosecuting, or defending claims in respect of mortgages and guarantees, and security interests under the Personal Property Securities Act. Lander & Rogers' insolvency legal experts specialise in enforcement actions on behalf of companies, financial institutions, or private lenders.