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Property settlements in Australia and abroad

Dividing your property after you separate can be a complex exercise, particularly if you own property in jurisdictions outside of where you live, or in more than one overseas jurisdiction. This can be further complicated if your assets are held in company or trust structures. These structures may enable effective tax planning and protect personal assets from creditors whilst you are together, but may be inappropriate for your needs after you separate.

Assessing your options is a critical first step when determining whether, and if so where, you can make an application for a property settlement. Depending on the jurisdictions which may apply to you, and whether you are married or in a de facto (including same-sex) relationship, the outcome may vary significantly.

In addition to our work in Australian family and relationship law, we have strong relationships with top family and relationship law practices in Singapore, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. We work with our colleagues in these other jurisdictions to identify and implement the best outcomes for our clients, whether in Australia or abroad.

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