Lander & Rogers PrivacyComply

An automated solution offering a smarter, faster and cyber-safe way to manage privacy risk and embed privacy impact assessments (PIAs) into your ESG program and organisational culture.

Rapid advancements in technology mean businesses have access to more data and information than ever before. However, as privacy regulation evolves, and as personal information increasingly becomes the prime target for cyber attacks, data is not only an opportunity but a liability, with regulatory and customer expectations requiring a pro-active approach to the effective management of personal information.

Actively manage the privacy aspects associated with your organisation's projects with automated PIAs, create a comprehensive audit trail and reduce the risk of a privacy or cyber incident with Lander & Rogers PrivacyComply.

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Key benefits

Privacy compliance does not need to be complex. Lander & Rogers PrivacyComply helps you to:

  • seamlessly navigate the latest in privacy regulatory compliance
  • recognise and prevent privacy risks before they occur
  • support your cyber insurance gaps
  • evaluate impacts on personal information, its collection, use and storage
  • record privacy practices in a report ready for your board, regulatory audits or ESG assessments
  • comply with proposed reforms requiring APP entities to complete privacy impact assessments for high impact privacy activities


Reduce the risks associated with your technology systems and seamlessly evaluate privacy impacts before they occur.

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Designed by legal experts in Australian privacy regulation.

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Easy to use

Intuitive automation puts information at your fingertips.

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Actionable insights

Identify key risks with a risk rating framework for actionable insights.

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Step-by-step guidance

Guided walk-through of complex privacy regulations.

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Smart reporting

Smart technology produces a board-ready report complete with recommendations and supporting ESG best practice.

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Regulation compliant

Easily navigate Australian privacy regulatory requirements for your IT and other projects.

How it works

Lander & Rogers PrivacyComply guides you through assessing your software application and project privacy risks, with easy-to-understand reporting.

Step 1
Step 1

Capture key features of your project.

Step 2
Step 2

Walk through critical regulatory concepts.

Step 3
Step 3

Automatically analyse key project inputs.

Step 4
Step 4

Review a system-generated risk weighting.

Step 5
Step 5

Access a set of actionable mitigation steps.

Step 6
Step 6

Export your board-ready privacy risk report.

Privacy Pulse Program

Lander & Rogers PrivacyComply is also provided as part of the Lander & Rogers' Privacy Pulse Program, a program designed to raise enterprise-wide privacy awareness, improve compliance with privacy obligations and ensure organisations are ready to transition to upcoming Privacy Act changes that build on a baseline understanding of existing laws. Contact us for more information about the Lander & Rogers Privacy Pulse Program.

Automated privacy impact assessment tool

Lander & Rogers PrivacyComply helps organisations navigate privacy obligations with an automated solution offering a smarter, faster and cyber-safe way to manage privacy risk.

"Lander & Rogers PrivacyComply is a game changer for Australian businesses, incentivising compliance, bringing cyber risk into focus and supporting governance. It offers a smarter, easier and faster way for procurement, risk, compliance, IT and legal teams to seamlessly manage privacy and cyber risks”

Lisa Fitzgerald, Partner

"Privacy compliance has become a top priority as businesses come to understand the value and risks of data. Data analytics and data sharing are increasingly critical components of a business, but the creation and movement of data has made complying with data privacy laws inherently more challenging. Lander & Rogers PrivacyComply provides an early-stage assessment of privacy risk that market-facing and internal functions can use when developing new products, processes or campaigns, thereby reducing risk, and saving both time and rework at the point of legal sign off."

Robert Neely, Partner

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