Business Transformation

Technology and digitisation is ever increasing with a growing number of organisations and industries implementing legal process improvement strategies, technologies and tools to transform business operations and deliver better business outcomes.

Drive measurable improvements in efficiencies and effectiveness for your business by identifying innovative solutions to your legal and business challenges.


Lander & Rogers' multi-award winning iHub comprises a multidisciplinary team of business transformation specialists that create smart, innovative solutions to complex business challenges.

Through iHub, leverage emerging technologies and agile legal design principles to create transformative solutions for your business, which enhance productivity, optimise performance and enhance the user experience.

Access guidance and support through your entire digital transformation lifecycle:

  • Process improvement - leverage legal process improvement techniques and leading technology to transform your organisational processes, enhance productivity and improve utilisation.
  • Automation - identify automation solutions that incorporate leading technology and human centred design principles to streamline and deliver sophisticated applications that triage checklists or produce automated outputs.
  • User experience workshops - design collaborative user experience workshops that explore the discovery phase through to empathy sessions to identify and assess user needs, design and ideation workshops, and prioritisation sessions to enhance the planning and delivery of projects.
  • Strategic digital planning - identify and assess new opportunities and develop a competitive advantage aligned to your business objectives through digital strategic planning.
  • Technology and system selection - ensure your organisation invests in the right technologies and systems to support your business objectives and maximise return on investment through a pragmatic needs analysis assessment.
  • Project management - engage skilled specialists to execute your end-to-end project management needs to ensure projects are delivered on time, and to budget.

Leveraging AI to reduce contract risks and increase efficiency

Case study

Learn how a major financial institution reduced organisational risk and costs by leveraging artificial intelligence to streamline contract delivery.

Employing AI in Contract Consolidation

Case study

An established multi-national retailer, employs more than 5000 staff across Australia and New Zealand. As the business has grown, it accrued almost 70 versions of its employment contact templates, creating operational challenges and risks for the business. Learn how Lander & Rogers assisted with an artificial-intelligence-based contract management solution that saved the business time and reduced its exposure.

Innovative Automation Solutions

Case study

iHub creates innovative automation solutions incorporating leading technology and human-centred design principles. Watch this case study on a recent legal automation project we undertook for a client.


For enquiries about the iHub or to learn more about how we can help you take the next step in your transformation journey, please contact:

Michelle Grossmann
Chief Innovation Officer & Transformation Lead
D +61 3 9269 9159
M +61 409 568 724
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