The effects of business operations on the natural environment can no longer be ignored. Growing demand from consumers, community groups and regulators for more responsible business practices is having a measurable impact on business performance.

The environmental pillar of ESG focuses on a company's stewardship of the natural world and the ways it manages or mitigates environmental risks.

Understand the complexities of environment-related operational and legal matters through a strategic commercial and sustainable lens with support from leading legal experts.

Sustainability and climate

Increasing global emphasis on sustainability and climate change is ushering in a myriad of regulations and standards, which requires a deep understanding of local and international laws as well as the ability to anticipate future regulatory changes.

Leverage the experience of our legal experts to:

  • assess compliance risks related to climate, environmental, biodiversity and sustainability regulations
  • understand compliance and environmental disclosure and reporting obligations
  • manage and mitigate risks relating to pollution, contamination and hazardous substances
  • navigate waste management, energy transition and circular economy regulations and best practice
  • manage claims involving toxic torts, industrial disease and nuisance.

Legal services

Access tailored legal advice to help you navigate complexity with confidence, including:

  • energy transition
  • renewable energy and regulation
  • judicial review.

Your experienced team

The intricacies of the regulatory environment demand more than just legal advice; they require a legal partner that understands the broader implications of ESG on business operations, reputation, and the bottom line.

Lander & Rogers' deep knowledge of the regulatory landscape, combined with our commitment to responsible business practices, provides us with the direct experience required to help businesses looking to integrate the "E" in ESG into their operations.

Contact us today to explore how we can assist your business in this vital and ever-evolving space.