Fixed pricing in family law

Access fixed-fee pricing for greater cost certainty, increased transparency and improved efficiency of your legal matter.

Lander & Rogers offers a fixed-fee solution for certain family law services. If you wish to enter into a prenuptial binding financial agreement, resolve your matter by way of negotiated agreement or apply for a divorce, you can choose to agree on a fixed fee with your family lawyer upfront.


Lander & Rogers clients who are seeking, or responding to, applications for divorce are eligible for our fixed price service. This provides greater certainty and transparency about the costs of divorce proceedings, which are agreed at the outset.

Services provided as part of the fixed-fee offering include:

  1. preparing court documents
  2. providing written advice in relation to the divorce
  3. court filing and process server fees
  4. court appearances.

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Prenuptial financial agreements

Couples enter into prenuptial financial agreements before commencing a de facto relationship or marriage. These agreements set out the way in which a couple's assets would be divided if they were to separate in the future.

Prenuptial agreements are recommended for a number of reasons ─ to protect personal or family wealth, provide certainty about the division of joint or individual property, allow more control over a financial settlement, and to avoid the court system.

Lander & Rogers clients entering into a prenuptial agreement are eligible for a fixed-fee solution, which includes comprehensive advice about their entitlements under the family law legislation, negotiation with their partner's legal representative, and drafting the agreement.

Application for consent orders

When a separated couple reaches an agreement on the issues arising from the breakdown of their relationship, including parenting and property matters, the agreement can be documented, filed and become legally binding without the need to engage in litigated court proceedings.

Separating couples in this position may access our fixed-fee solution, which involves:

  1. advice on your entitlements under the family law legislation
  2. negotiating on your behalf to finalise the terms of settlement
  3. drafting the required court documents
  4. filing the court documents
  5. communicating with the court
  6. implementing superannuation splitting orders.

This service can also include drafting a financial agreement for spousal maintenance obligations and a child support agreement.

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