Employer's guide to living with COVID-19

As the fight against COVID-19 endures, organisations must continue to balance the complexities of maintaining business operations while supporting and protecting the safety of employees, contractors, and other workers such as volunteers, along with customers, visitors to the workplace and the general public.


To assist organisations to navigate complex workplace health and safety , employment, industrial and privacy issues, Lander & Rogers has produced an easy-to-use guide that addresses the key questions on everyone's minds.

Access the guide to learn more about:

  • managing WHS obligations, risk and exposure
  • what to consider if mandating vaccinations in the workplace
  • workplace relations and employment issues
  • data and privacy implications from collecting vaccination information, and
  • much more

These quick guides aim to address the most commonly asked questions about COVID-19 vaccinations in the workplace and associated matters through the lens of private sector organisations and government organisations and agencies.

Updates: official COVID-19 guidance is changing rapidly. This page will be updated periodically as the situation evolves or subscribe to timely email updates here.

New south wales

Private sector

Access this NSW-specific guide for private sector organisations.
Last updated: 7 October 2021
Access now

Public sector

Access this NSW-specific guide for government organisations and agencies.
Last updated: 8 October 2021
Access now


Private sector

Coming soon

Public sector

Access this Victoria-specific guide for government organisations and agencies.
Last updated: 4 October 2021
Access now

More information

For more information about this guide, or to discuss your organisation's specific circumstances, contact a Lander & Rogers workplace relations and safety or data and privacy legal expert below.

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