Lander & Rogers launches automated privacy compliance tool to assess and manage organisational privacy risk

A laptop computer sitting open on a desk in front of a window. Onscreen is Lander & Rogers' PrivacyComply tool.
  • Lander & Rogers launches automated solution for smarter, faster and cyber-safe management of organisational privacy risk
  • Tool to address incoming obligations for Australian businesses under wide-reaching privacy reforms

Lander & Rogers has announced the timely launch of Lander & Rogers PrivacyComply, a cutting-edge software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for privacy compliance. Designed to expose and mitigate privacy risk, ease the compliance burden and keep apace with privacy reform, the firm believes the tool will revolutionise regulatory compliance in Australia by offering organisations an automated, interactive app that ensures efficiency and efficacy, for a fixed annual subscription fee.

Developed by the firm's digital economy practice of privacy experts and iHub technologists, Lander & Rogers PrivacyComply is a privacy-by-design and privacy impact assessment tool in one. It allows organisations to input and capture key privacy-related features of a new project; explains critical regulatory concepts; analyses key project inputs and assigns a risk weighting to each component; generates instructions for risk mitigation; and creates a board-ready privacy risk report complete with key learnings.

According to the firm, the tool was developed in response to the alarming rise in serious data breaches and cyber security attacks levelled at organisations in Australia in recent years, as well as increasing regulatory scrutiny of the privacy practices of Australian businesses. The tool will help organisations to take reasonable steps to protect personal information, satisfy regulatory obligations and minimise the impact of data breaches.

The firm said the passing of the Privacy Legislation Amendment (Enforcement and Other Measures) Act 2022 in December 2022 introduced significant changes including higher penalties for serious data breaches, and major privacy reforms slated for 2023 promise to bring new obligations, further penalties and more stringent standards for compliance. According to the firm, with the fast-changing regulatory landscape, the pressure on organisations to strengthen their privacy frameworks has never been greater.

"Australia has recently experienced the most serious data breaches in our country's history, demonstrating just how much the 'cost of doing business' has risen," said Lander & Rogers partner and privacy expert Lisa Fitzgerald. "The fall-out of a data breach goes far beyond a regulatory fine ─ it extends to reputational damage, customer churn, potential class actions, re-direction of internal resources away from core business activities and in some cases the cost of replacing customer identity documents. All of these costs can be avoided, or at least minimised, when privacy compliance is prioritised."

With new reforms on the horizon likely to set a world-first standard for data protection, Ms Fitzgerald said that "all businesses are firmly on notice that sidelining, deferring or failing to budget for compliant and proportionate handling of private customer information is simply not an option. With changes just around the corner, businesses must start now to ensure they can comply with more onerous obligations when they land."

Having advised many businesses and organisations on privacy impact assessments and the compliance aspects of projects involving personal data, Lander & Rogers partner and privacy expert Robert Neely said that to date, processes for privacy compliance have typically been laborious and inefficient. This, he explained, is where Lander & Rogers PrivacyComply offers an advantage. "As well as promoting privacy compliance, Lander & Rogers PrivacyComply makes compliance more accessible, brings business efficiencies and enables privacy-by-design, all through simple suggestions that any business can use," he said. "Importantly, you don't have to be a lawyer to understand and benefit from the tool. To our knowledge, there is nothing else like it that is fit for purpose for the Australian market."

Lander & Rogers PrivacyComply has already garnered praise for legal innovation, with the tool earning its project team a shortlisting for "Most innovative lawyers in cyber security & data governance" in the 2023 Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Awards Asia-Pacific.

The tool's launch coincides with Privacy Awareness Week (1-7 May 2023), an initiative of the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, state and territory privacy regulators and Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities forum, to raise awareness of privacy issues and the importance of protecting personal information.

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