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Compensation Law

We are one of Australia's most experienced compensation law teams, having practised in workers compensation for over 50 years. Our award-winning Compensation Law team has a well-established reputation for understanding and successfully resolving the legal complexities involved in workers compensation law and associated insurance claims.

Our team operates across the Eastern Seaboard from offices in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

We provide the highest quality service by:

  • Partnering with clients to meet their objectives
  • Displaying strong leadership
  • Consistently providing accurate and early advice
  • Being robust, appropriate litigators
  • Delivering cost effective solutions to legal problems

Why Lander & Rogers?

  • Best WSV panel firm on objective KPIs
  • Winner of all three 2016 WSV awards, and winner of the innovation award in 2017
  • Client portal 24 hour access to all claims documentation
  • Real time reporting via our 24 hour client portal, customised for your needs
  • Self-insurance expertise

“[Lander & Rogers] is a firm which has consistently displayed an extremely high level of courtesy, cooperation and competence… Some cases have had to be fought and they have been fought thoroughly but expeditiously… Rarely, if ever, have I asked myself about a Lander’s case ‘why on earth hasn’t this case settled?’ In other words, Lander & Rogers fought the right cases…”  

Judge Bowman, County Court of Victoria, 4 February 2015


Our services

Commonwealth Compensation

Our team of experienced workers compensation lawyers provide comprehensive, quality legal services covering disputed and litigated workers compensation claims under the Safety, Rehabilitation & Compensation Act 1988 (SRC Act).

We have a comprehensive understanding of the Comcare Scheme and the need to balance reputational and financial safeguards with a sensitive and rapid claim and litigation response.

Our services cover all aspects of compensation law, including:

  • systems and policy reviews
  • precedent and claim decision drafting
  • staff training and development and secondments
  • claim file reviews
  • audit preparation and reporting
  • alternative dispute resolution
  • individual case conferencing
  • claim resolution strategies
  • litigation.

Compensation Law Victoria

We are a member of WorkSafe Victoria's select panel of solicitors, providing expert legal advice to WorkSafe, its agents and employers in all aspects of accident compensation law, including advice work, dispute management and legislative amendments.

Our team also offers a full range of legal services to self-insurers covering all aspects of portfolio and file management, including addressing ways to minimise the impact on their business of workers compensation claims.  We work with some of Australia’s largest self-insurers, including Ford, Paperlinx, Phillip Morris and Robert Bosch (Australia).

Dust diseases and Toxic Tort defence

We have a highly respected dust diseases and toxic tort defence practice which has more than 30 years' experience acting for defendants in asbestos-related litigation, in particular for State and semi-government authorities, under the Asbestos Diseases Compensation Act 2008.

Given the debilitating nature of asbestos and dust related diseases and the prompt manner in which the Courts and Tribunals typically respond to these claims, we explore early resolution options and focus on achieving the best possible outcome in each case.

Self-insurer advice

Successful self-insurer advice balances regulatory compliance with commercial goals. This requires proven legal expertise, good business judgement, smart processes, and innovative reporting. Our team has an established reputation for knowing when cases should be resolved and when they should be challenged. This is evidenced by our success on the WorkSafe Victoria panel, and our strong partnerships with Victorian self-insurers Ford, Qantas, Robert Bosch, Primary Health Care, Phillip Morris, and Comcare licensees NAB, Wilson Security, and Medibank.

We will work closely with you and your members to address your specific needs as self-insurers and minimise the impact of your compensation claims. We will assist you to balance reputational and financial risk with a fair and rapid claims and litigation response.

We understand the importance of policy in setting expectations, influencing workforce behaviour, and driving positive claims results. We don’t just quote case law. We are conscious of minimising risk from the outset and are flexible, strategic, and solution focused.

Adding value to our clients

We developed and launched a sophisticated online file management system for a key client.

The system gives our client electronic access to all our files, documents and correspondence, as well as allowing them to provide instructions electronically. It also captures data according to a set of agreed KPIs, and this information is available to our client in real time via the system's reporting function.

We are currently this client's only panel firm to offer such a service.

The benefits of this system to our client include:

  • Access to all files and KPI reporting information at any time
  • Ability to track instantly the progress of any given matter
  • Complete transparency of legal work undertaken by us
  • Retaining supervisory control over their files
  • Ability to monitor our management of the KPIs at the click of a button
  • Audit their own files, without the need to physically attend our office

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