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Family law mediation

Family law mediation has now been widely embraced by senior family law practitioners who understand the benefits of former spouses being able to resolve their financial and child-related disputes in a controlled environment, with the assistance of an independent third-person mediator.

A properly structured and planned family law mediation enables all areas of a dispute to be analysed and resolved without the need for lengthy and expensive litigation.

Our qualified family law mediators have many years experience in mediation and helping separated couples to resolve their parenting and financial issues.


Who can benefit from a family law mediation?

In our experience, a family law mediation can benefit all people, irrespective of whether they are looking to settle relatively straightforward financial arrangements or complex financial arrangements.

In the case of couples who have complex financial arrangements, it is important that your lawyer takes into consideration any issues related to corporate structuring (eg family trusts, companies and self-managed superannuation funds), as well as any tax implications. Family law mediation in this instance allows for a considered discussion about these issues to take place in a more relaxed and informal environment than going through a formal court process. It can also be helpful in achieving a timely and cost-effective settlement.


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