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Same sex parenting

Our team has many years experience in dealing with the legal aspects of same sex parenting.

Access to adoption and reproductive technology has lead to new avenues through which same sex couples can become parents. However, particularly in areas such as adoption and surrogacy, there are still gaps and uncertainties affecting the children of same sex couples. 

There are important factors that same sex couples with children, or who are planning to have children, need to consider and prospective same sex parents should ensure that they seek legal advice.


The legal aspects of same sex parenting - how we can assist you

We provide advice and representation to same sex parents and prospective parents on all legal aspects of same sex parenting, including:

  • artificial conception procedures including IVF, infertility treatment, donor insemination or self insemination 
  • registration of same sex couples on the birth certificate of a child conceived using artificial conception procedures 
  • legal recognition of non biological mothers and non-biological fathers who are in a lesbian or gay male relationship 
  • legal status of donors 
  • donor agreements 
  • parental rights in relation to children born via surrogacy and surrogacy arrangements 
  • equal parenting rights 
  • obtaining or amending parenting orders 
  • negotiating residential and care arrangements (formerly known as custody and access arrangements) for children, either during and/or at the end of a relationship.


Same sex parenting - further reading

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