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Our team works closely with governments at all levels – federal, state and local – to provide quality, timely and comprehensive advice and other legal support. 

We understand the particular context in which government departments, agencies and other public authorities operate and in particular the need to ensure that our advice is not only legally correct but also transparent, accountable and meets probity requirements.   In addition, we are aware that often advice and support required may be particularly time sensitive or involve issues which have a political as well as a legal dimension. 

Our team has a sound working knowledge of the context in which government and public sector decision makers require legal services, as well as the often highly regulated environment in which legal assistance is required. 

We have a strong track record of advising and representing government agencies, statutory authorities, regulatory bodies and businesses dealing with government and regulators (including in highly regulated industries such as water, energy, gaming, transport, financial services and insurance), in a range of highly sensitive and often complex matters across a broad range of practice areas. 

A number of our senior lawyers have previously worked in both the public sector and in government, so we understand how the political system works and can offer well-informed, practical advice.

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Coronial inquests

We have for many years acted for a range of clients in Coronial Inquest matters. In July 2009, we were appointed to the Victorian Government's Whole of Government Legal Services Panel (Coronial Inquests). Since our appointment, we have represented a number of government departments and agencies, and individuals employed within those agencies and departments, in coronial inquests. We have also been appointed to the role of counsel assisting the Coroner's Court.

Our detailed knowledge of acting for government clients, together with our particular expertise in the criminal and regulatory context means that we are able to provide a flexible and responsive approach in such matters.

Read more about our work in Coronial Inquests.


Government is the dominant consumer in delivery and operation of economic and social infrastructure; and its influence on private sector property development is also critical.

We understand, from first-hand experience, both the public sector and private sector perspectives on asset delivery and how their respective drivers can be successfully aligned.

Our team members have provided legal advice on infrastructure developments and related issues to a broad range of government bodies. We also provide advice in this area to commercial businesses and private organisations working directly for government departments, or operating within business partnerships with government.

Read more about our work in the area of infrastructure and PPPs.

Investigations and internal grievance reviews

In 2008, Lander & Rogers was appointed to the State Services Authority Panel of Review Officers. Through this appointment, we have undertaken a number of workplace investigations and grievance review hearings into a wide range of matters for various government departments, agencies and statutory authorities. These investigations and internal reviews often relate to highly sensitive and complex matters. We work with our client in each case to ensure that these matters are dealt with in a timely, sensitive and thorough manner.

Read more about our work in the area of workplace investigations.

Tertiary education

We have a depth of experience and expertise in providing legal services to the tertiary education sector - including both the University sector and the VET sector.

Tertiary institutions operate in a highly complex environment, in which they compete for financial resources, high quality staff and students on a national, and increasingly international, basis. In addition, the regulatory environment within which the tertiary education sector operates continues to be the subject of significant reform.

In our experience, claims arising in the higher education context generally involve a level of complexity that is not typical of other industries.

Our expertise in this area covers the following core areas:

  • employment law
  • administrative and public law
  • discrimination law
  • student complaints and grievance reviews
  • corporate governance
  • occupational health and safety
  • intellectual property
  • privacy and access to information issues
  • mediations
  • investigations
  • training
  • industrial law advice and negotiations
  • responding to inquiries by the relevant regulator

We have a proven track record of meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients and providing pragmatic, defensible and sound advice and representation.

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